Monday, July 15, 2013

Hood River

I have been absent from blogland for a reason. The best reason: vacation. We went to Hood River, Oregon, to visit some good friends and escape the desert heat. I could tell you all about it, but I'll just let the photos explain.

Falls Creek Falls (yes, that's what it's called)

Old-growth forest

U-Pick blueberries

Picking blueberries

Bigfoot exists. See? Here he is!
The beach of the Columbia River

Lost Lake & Mount Hood

Canoeing across Lost Lake

Old growth understory

Excellent local microbrew (This one is called "Strong Blonde": I so wish they had a t-shirt!)

Wahkeena Falls hike

Bizarre tree mushrooms. My son said, "Um, Mom? There are clams in this tree!"


  1. Replies
    1. It really was. I was dreading coming back to the hot, parched desert, but we've actually got a gloomy cool overcast day going on here, so it's not too bad!

  2. I've heard of some people there actually turning into mushrooms. Still, I'd like to visit it sometime.

    1. Summertime is definitely the best. As you can see from the photos, there was hardly a cloud in sight. It's not humid, either. Just green and sunny: pretty much perfect!

  3. Steph, I'm so with Laoch. This looks like a way to massively refresh the soul!

    That t-shirt would be perfect for you, by the way. Thank you so much for posting all of these excellent pics.

    1. It was exactly that: refreshing. We really needed the time together as a family, what with the job change and all. If Pfriem gets around to making merch, I am definitely getting that shirt! :)

  4. The lake and Mount Hood are absolutely beautiful. Quite a change from the desert, huh?

  5. Absolutely. I wanted to immerse myself in water and never get out. :)

  6. Oregon... I love Oregon!

    Wonderful photos. Your Mt. Hood shot is outstanding. I like the clams in the tree, too.

    Stephanie, I hope you'll join us for the Coffeehouse again this month. Here's the link:

    1. Oh yes, AS, I am planning on it! I must have forgotten to sign up. My only difficulty is choosing which book: I read some good ones in July ...


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