Friday, October 18, 2013

What's Making Me Happy

October has kind of sucked canal water, to be honest. Things have gone wrong on every level, from national to microbial. As I write this, my daughter is home from school, as she has been all week. Because she has pertussis. An immunized teenager! With whooping cough! This is not supposed to happen. Anyway, I haven't been updating this blog, because I haven't had anything nice to say. And you know that saying ...

... Or something like that.

But to keep myself from bathing too deeply in self-pity (and to keep myself blogging), I am starting a new project, called "What's Making Me Happy This Week." I am blatantly stealing the idea from my favorite podcast, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour. If you have never listened, DO EEET. NOW. You will be a happier person for it.

It turns out, even if your week has been a fetid poop-storm of legendary proportion, you can still find something that's making you happy. If nothing else, the Internet has cats. Check this out:

See? You're happier already. Or maybe you're having a fabulous week, in which case passive-aggressive cats just made it even better.

Maybe domestic pets aren't really your thing. Maybe you prefer to spend your time complaining about how stinky/hairy/ungodly people in every country but yours are. I have the thing for you! Thirty-one maps celebrating gloriously awful stereotypes of every nationality. (Or enough of them.) Here is one of my favorites:

I don't know why, but "Noisy Peasants" makes me giggle every time.
And lastly, what started off our week on an up-note, and what we have been watching pretty much daily ever since:

(Is it too late to point out that these last two are not for those of delicate sensibilities? It is? Oops.)

What's making YOU happy this week?


  1. My father has whooping cough about 70 years ago. I remember him telling me it was pretty unpleasant. Good wishes to your daughter and one hopes for her rapid recovery.

    1. Thanks, Laoch! Luckily it is treatable with a simple round of antibiotics nowadays. If we'd diagnosed her sooner, we'd have been able to treat it earlier, but in any event ... she is better now. :) And she wasn't around any infants while she was contagious, which is the really important thing.

  2. Babe, this was such a great post! I hate to admit it but will: I loved 'sucked canal water' and 'fetid poop-storm.' That's rancid but hilarious! D'you know what this post does, actually? IT MAKES ME MISS YOU MORE!

    There ya go. All caps, the preference of .. well, won't go there.

    Sending my love to J. And you.

    1. Thank yooo. And back atcha. **sniff**

      ("Sucks canal water" is one of C's; we can always count on him to bring it down a notch. Or twenty.)

  3. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery. My generation suffered whooping cough as children and it made us suspicious of the system --mainly the respiratory system. A brave and positive post.

    1. Thanks, Geo. I thought I'd make lemons into lemonade, but maybe let it ferment a bit. Hard lemonade. *hic* :}

  4. What made me happy this week was seeing my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law even if it was only for an hour.


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