Friday, March 21, 2014

What's Making Me Happy: March 21

I was able to twice-celebrate my neighbor-friend's birthday this week, each time with a great group of people. One meal was prepared by a visiting Venezuelan friend; it the national dish of Venezuela, pabellon criollo and tajadas. A few days later a mom-daughter group of us went to a local restaurant, a beautiful, sprawling place that's been in business since 1962. There, my daughter and I split a ribeye smothered in chile con queso. I am hungry just remembering these two meals. Food always makes me happy.
Now some things that made me happy and will make you happy, too:

This friendship. (Have tissues on hand.)

More evidence that saturated fat is not the kill-you-quick food we were told it was. Enjoy your cheese, butter, and coconut oil. And pabellon criollo.

This slideshow of world leaders in drag. Who is more fabulous, Vladdy Pushini or Baricka O'Bisha?

This physicist, having the best day of his life.

This strangely hilarious video of my hero talking about his hero. In slow motion. Which makes him seem extremely stoned.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. I think I need to recreate that dish.

  2. Well, I checked on the annato and even though my cookbook doesn't call for it, my mom says that back in her day people used to cook with annato on a daily basis for most dishes

    1. And BTW, carne mechada is very easy to make. I put tomatoes so the annato is not really necessary. I may let you off the cumin...

    2. Haha, J! If you cooked it, I'd eat it. Even if it was 90% cumin. The annato is pretty and I bet it's good for you ... aren't most highly pigmented foods good for you?

  3. You know my favorite part about Tyson's story about meeting Sagan? He didn't even end up going to Cornell! He went to Harvard instead.


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