Friday, March 7, 2014

What's Making Me Happy: March 7

It's been two weeks since my last WMMH. (Why do I feel the sudden urge to say "Bless me, Father?") In those two weeks, I've nearly got myself back to my goal weight. Like most people, I tend to pack a few pounds on in the winter, and somehow it never magically falls off. I have to make it go away. This time, I've made it go away not by counting/restricting calories, but by fairly dramatically increasing fat. I've been eating low-carb fairly consistently for about a decade now, but going high-fat is relatively new. I like it! Here's a typical lunch:

Now that is making me happy. What you see there is one avocado, on a bed of arugula, with a bit of goat-cheese gouda. (You can get that cheese at Trader Joe's: try it. It's amazing.) The salad is sprinkled with pine nuts, sea salt, and black pepper. A squeeze of fresh lime juice and a drizzle of really high-quality olive oil tops it all off. It may not look substantial, but it kept me full the rest of the day. I hardly wanted dinner. (I made this salad up: this wonderful book has inspired me to make up lots of salads—thanks to Suze for recommending it.) 

So that's a lifestyle change (see more here, here, and here) with definite results that's making me happy. And here's what else has made me smile:

This band. Because a mix of J-pop, idol, and heavy metal had to happen.

This video of Daisy, Cooper, and ice cream.

This little boy: if only more people like him were in Congress.

These mother-daughter pairs around the world, a gallery put together in honor of International Women's Day 2014.

And finally, thirty-five reasons to have faith in humanity, all in one place. Which is your favorite? I think mine is #31.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Cayden Taipalus has me weep-cheering with hope and joy!! Thank you so very much for that, Stephanie!

    And, um, can you come over and make lunch for me? Please.


    1. Let me just unfurl my wings and I'll be there in a jif!

      The really great thing is that Caydan's not alone. Another tale of a generous boy pops up after that video finishes. I think our children's generation is shaping to be amazing. World-changing.

  2. That actually does not look bad, even though I am really craving cheese fondue.

    1. Veggies dipped in cheese fondue? Sounds perf. Why choose? :D

  3. I came here for a quickie, and ended up hanging around long enough to check out all your darned links, you evil evil woman.

    Of those 35 reasons, #31 brought tears to my eyes. All of them are wonderful, but that one really got to me, big-time. Acceptance is such a special gift, especially when it comes from a parent.

    Take care, and have a super weekend. (You're not really evil... just a temptress. Not YOUR fault I have so little resistance.)

    1. No, no ... I assure you. I am completely evil. >:D

      (I got all sniffly over #31 too.)


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